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Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Background on my Privacy Policy and Data Protection

As of May 2018, with the entry into application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there is one set of data protection rules for all companies operating in the EU, wherever they are based. Therefore, I developed the below policy to be compliant with the GDPR and for you to understand what I do with the data that you provide to me through my website, email, phone or any other media.  Please read below for all the details before submitting your details in my contact form.

Personal data I collect and purpose for collecting that

I collect your name, your email address and your phone number so that I can contact you in relation to your interest in my photography services. I will also use that information to connect with you as needed once we start a business-client relationship. All of this is necessary for me to provide you with great photography services or products.

I collect any other personal data and information that you voluntary shared with me, such as your answers to the optional questions in my contact form. I use them to get a better idea of your expectations and so provide a tailored service to you, as well as understand how you find me and be appreciative of clients that might have recommended my services to you.

How I collect and keep your personal data

If you use the contact form on my website, I receive an email which arrives in an email inbox protected with a very secure password. I will keep your email as well as all the data provided by you for one year. If you go ahead with booking me as your photographer, I will store your email in my address book so that I can contact you with special offers and discounts in the future. If you enquire but don’t book me, I will delete all your personal data from my client database after one year, unless you have expressed your interest to be included in my mailing list.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

If you have further questions about how your personal data is handled, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to show you the information I have on you. I do not share your personal data with anybody else and the information will only be stored in my computer, email inbox and phone, all heavily protected with strong passwords.

If some of the information is wrong or outdated, you have the right to correct it. If you’d like me to delete all your personal data, you have the right to request it. To do that, you just need to send me an email indicating the data that you want to correct, update or delete.

If you want I delete all your data, please send me an email indicating that and I remove it permanently from all my databases and mailing lists.

If you are subscribed to my mailing list and do not longer want to be part of that / stop receiving promotional offers or other marketing communication, you can unsubscribe at any time through the “unsubscribe” option in my website footer.

If you book my services, I might ask you specific permission to publish your photos and use your name as reference for commercial and marketing purposes. If so, you will have access to all the details and you can refuse to grant me permissions for that, without any problem. In that case, your photos will never be public and I will store them only in your personal online gallery that is GDPR compliant and in encrypted hard drives at my home studio.

That's all! Now you can go back to the contact form, check the "I understand..." button and click on submit.